Ground Up 044

w/ Andrew Morgan


How one filmmaker’s exploration of death & consumerism will help you find contentment.

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Andrew Morgan is the documentary filmmaker behind The True Cost & After the End. Before he had a story to tell he picked up the technical side of the craft. Going to film school was like turning on the lights. He explains it was the first time he truly felt like himself.

“Great choices always feel inevitable after the fact.”

We often get caught up with the how. How will I get funding? How am I going to make this project happen? How did I get myself into this? Instead of focusing on the details, Andrew found stories that he couldn’t not tell. That drive pushed him to tell the stories behind the sudden death of his father & the unexpected cost of consumerism.

My conversation with Andrew will challenge you as a creator and get you to think differently about the choices we make every day.


“This system that we’ve createD - profit at all cost. Not only is it destroy parts of the world, it’s not making us happy.”


Episode Highlights

  1. "I got good at the technical part but I needed to experience life." (00:14:39).
  2. Andrew's first film about death (00:15:58).
  3. The trouble with masking pain (00:19:03).
  4. Ideas can be like windows to a new way of looking at the world (00:37:56).
  5. People are asked to care about too much (00:41:39).
  6. The power of change (00:40:44).
  7. Consumerism & finding purpose (00:50:55).
  8. You know you're in the right place when it's difficult as hell but it's still worth it (01:27:00).

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