Ground Up 035


What's stopping you from pursuing
your craziest & most ambitious idea?


Chris Temple & Zach Ingrasci, the documentary filmmakers behind Living On One, had every excuse in the world to not pursue their bold idea. They had no money, little connections and a summer between semesters to relax. But that's not what they did.

Curiosity pushed them to Peña Blanca, Guatemala to live on a dollar a day and explore what it really means to live under the poverty line. They documented the whole experience and eventually turned it into the Netflix documentary Living On One Dollar.

Then they did it again with the film Salam Neighbor, as the first filmmakers to be given a tent in a Syrian refugee camp.

"Poverty isn't just a lack of money. It's a lack of choice."

In our conversation we talk about the mindset you need heading into any big project, the relationship between money & well-being, and where the line between your creativity & entrepreneurship blur.

Living On One

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