Ground Up 042

Rewrite the Rules
w/ Cole Younger

How one man rewrote his future, got off the streets & found his calling.

Cole Younger wasn't always so optimistic. Early in life he struggled with using & selling drugs, being locked behind bars & coping with depression. Picking up a camera was his way out.

“All I did was spend every day on the street, exploring my city & taking photos.”

Today Cole is a Los Angeles based photographer that shares stunning photos with his audience of over 280k.


“These photographers preach that there ARE no rules in art... but then all the sudden they're giving me rules.”


Episode Highlights

  1. Becoming a photographer with an iPhone 4 (00:04:45).
  2. Growing up on the streets & early struggles (00:12:28).
  3. "I didn't think I was going to make it to 16." (00:13:58).
  4. Grappling with self-doubt (00:16:25).
  5. How drug dealing turned into location scouting (00:20:45).
  6. Rejecting the rules that photographers often place on themselves (00:29:12)
  7. Winning $4,000 for his first camera on a gas station slot machine (00:34:10)
  8. What camera should you use? (00:37:04)
  9. Finding direction in life (00:39:08)
  10. The case for why you should create every day. (00:52:28).
  11. Finding inspiration, the changing media landscape & the California wildfires (01:06:53).

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