Ground Up 043

Reprogram Your Mind
w/ Dan Harris

How an anchorman became the self-help antihero we all need.

Dan Harris Author, Podcaster & Anchor

Dan Harris
Author, Podcaster & Anchor

Dan Harris is an anchor for ABC’s Nightline & the weekend addition of Good Morning America. If you told Dan ten years ago that he’d be writing books about meditation he’d have said you’re fucking crazy (he likes to curse).

As the author of the #1 New York Times bestselling book 10% Happier Dan broke into the self-help world & taught skeptics to open their mind with meditation.

“Every time you see your own inner phenomena you are not drowning in it.”

His no-bullshit approach to spirituality began with an on-air panic attack in front of millions. Years of reporting from war zones, in addition to subsequent drug use, led him to his breaking point.


“The ego is a slippery mother fucker. It’s creative. It’s relentless. And it’s the work of a lifetime to peal back those layers.”


The meltdown led Dan to explore the self-help world, speaking everyone from gurus to sage philosophers.

In his new book Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics he works with meditation teacher Jeff Warren to break down the common myths about the practice & how to integrate it into your life (not having enough time is usually a bad excuse).

“The happiest people I know found something they loved and went for it with extreme prejudice. They just went for it. Balls out.”

I talk with Dan about his path to becoming an anchor, the moments that pushed his career forward & how to find happiness (or at least 10% more of it).


Episode Highlights

  1. The two different paths to creating a successful career as a creative (00:07:02).
  2. The early days of Dan's career (00:10:20).
  3. The advantages of not getting cocky & following the Buddhist idea of "beginner's mind" (00:16:12).
  4. The ways the mind tries to trick us (00:26:20).
  5. Dan's biggest innovation to the world of self-help & meditation (00:32:01).
  6. Everything you need to know about habit change (00:52:57).
  7. Lesson's from happy people (01:04:05).

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