Ground Up 045

Reject Perfection
w/ Caroline Lee


The case for rapidly creating & releasing content without giving it a second thought.

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Caroline Lee is a photographer & podcaster that wants you to give birth to your ideas. That’s going to sound totally weird but if you listen to the show she’s got a great metaphor about babies, three year olds & making great art (okay, yeah it’s pretty weird).

We learn the most when we’re constantly creating & releasing. For many of us the problem comes when we spend too much time with a project. We labor over every detail, each pixel, until it’s perfect. The problem? Perfect doesn’t exist.

“Sometimes the people we see as great artists aren’t the best. It’s just that they’re the best at putting their work out there.”

Caroline makes a wonderful case for rejecting perfectionism. We also reminisce about the first time we cursed, tell awkward stories about nude spa’s & how to break through the noise in 2018.


“Spend as much time working on yourself as you work on your creations.”


Episode Highlights

  1. Lesson's from podcasting & the curious case of vocal fry (02:59:00).
  2. Blue Moon & cereal chunks and pissing people off (00:06:53).
  3. Audiences have gotten tired of loud platforms like Facebook (00:16:10).
  4. Is it possible to create a successful blog in 2018 (00:18:13).
  5. Caroline's "Three Year Rule" for any new venture (00:20:30).
  6. All creatives are flawed & every reason why you shouldn't be aiming for perfect (00:29:12).
  7. Awkward stories & nude spa’s (00:58:53).
  8. Spend as much time working on yourself as your business (01:18:47).
  9. Quick Questions! (01:24:20).

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