Ground Up 046

w/ Dylan Schwartz


How to grow your audience through careful curation, the intricacies of Instagram & competing with large agencies.

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Dylan Schwartz is a photographer & owner of the digital agency Kissd. After years of working for large creative agencies he decided to start something of his own. Instagram has become a critical part of his success.

Not long after he downloaded the app, Dylan noticed certain photos performed better than others. With that feedback loop (create, curate & get feedback) he moved forward. He continued to hone his skills, soon amassing nearly 100k followers & learning to use direct messages to attract new clients.

“If I don’t think this post is good enough to print & hang on my wall I won’t post it.”

Dylan and I talk about the intricacies of creating content for Instagram, how he uses direct messages to get new clients & catching trends.


"It's like programming a channel. I want each piece of content to be better than the last.


Episode Highlights

  1. The rise of digital advertising (00:13:53).
  2. Starting Instagram & learning quickly (00:17:05).
  3. The feedback loop: Create, Curate & Get Feedback (00:20:36).
  4. Going toe-to-toe with large agencies (00:46:17).
  5. The secret of getting new clients through Instagram DM's (00:48:14).
  6. How do we leverage our current skills to help promote ourselves? (00:53:39).

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