The minimalist apartment from the minimalist filmmaker.

Hi my name is Matt D'Avella, I directed Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things, and this is my minimalist apartment.

I share the space with my not-a-minimalist-partner Natalie. We take a lot of intention to ensure we're both happy with any new addition to the apartment.


Take a look inside our apartment (we won't think you're creepy).


We don't have a lot of furniture so we're intentional about each piece we bring in.

We'd prefer to buy something we love once & have it last for as long as it stays together, rather than replacing cheap furniture every couple of years. The faux-fur blanket & British pillow were both Natalie's idea (all hail the Queen).

I'm a bit of a neat-freak so I took some extra steps to make sure our electronics were stowed away. I put both our router & PS4 in the lower portion of the whiskey cabinet and used a white HDMI cable to connect everything to the TV. You can barely spot the cable in the photos.

I usually don't hold onto anymore books than this. Once I've got 10 I start to give them away to family & friends. Or if it's a bad book I drop it off at the library.


This is my at-home editing space. The desk is made by Artifox and helps to hide away the cables, adaptors & surge protector.


We don't have many dishes but lucky for us we also don't have many friends.


That's our apartment! I didn't want to say it up there but it's totally creepy that you wanted to look at it. But if that's what you're into you can subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos on minimalism.